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Senior ABAP Developer

1969 Ja Ja
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akademischer Grad: keine Angabe
Jahresgehalt: Bis 70.000 Euro
Einstiegszeitpunkt: 16.07.2018
Interesse an Projekten: Ja



    Language           English (Fluent), Deutsch (Intermediate) 

Key Qualifications

·        25+ years work experience with 15 years ABAP

·        ABAP Development, ABAP Team Lead , Project Management

·        Also experienced in C, C++, Cobol, PL1, Pascal, Visual Basic


SAP Knowledge

·        Strong ABAP Knowledge

o    Object-Oriented Programming

o    Report Programming

o    Dialog, WebDynpro Programming

o    User Exits, Enhancements, BADI, SAP-Scripts, Smartforms Experience

o    BAPI, RFC, WebService

·        Strong Knowledge for programming in FI, MM, SD, CO, PA Modules, and good for programming PC, PP, PS, CM, SRM, RM-CA Modules

·        Archiving with all modules

·        Roadmap for S4HANA Transtions

·        High Level Custom Code Usage and Quality Analisys,  Identify and Remove Customer Programs

·        Understanding and implementing Decommision Stragegy

·        SAP Solution Manager Processes


Akgün Onat         SAP Turkey                        +90 5324865787

Izzet Bar              SAP Israel                            +9 7254 490-2313

Eric Semmler       SAP Germany                   +49 170 8555-404



09/2013 – Current                      Enterprise Support Advisor / Technical Quality Manager / Customer Succes Manager

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 SAP Turkey (       ; Istanbul

·       Make an engagement plan for customers for their issues , deliver necessary Enterprise Support Services.

·       Analyse the recommendations or service results and guide customer to implement developments based on the requirements .

·       Guide customers on performance improvements.


11/2011 – 08/2013                      IT Manager                                                   

IDO Istanbul Ferry Lines (        ; Istanbul

·       Enhance IT strategy of company

·       Contract Management with IT Service Vendor

·       Reporting to Executive Management

·       Quality Management of developments

·       Project Leader in IT projects


08/2009 – 10/2011                      ABAP Team Lead (also Senior ABAP Developer )     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                KoçSistem ( ; Istanbul

·       ABAP Project Lead (and also Senior ABAP Developer) for the projects PETKİM ( ,

AYGAZ ( and IDO ( Developments by me on these projects:

o    Vendor Performance Evaluation Process

o    Honeywell process integrations

o    EBA Integrations

o    MT940 integrations

o    Purchasing Requisition Confirmation processes

·       Check the Spec.Documents for developments and explaind how to do the development in specified in the documents to the developer.

·       Performance check of the developments.

·       FI validation and substitution developments for customers.

·       Analyze and develop critical processes/enhancements (Dialog, Report, RFC, WebService,BAPI, BADI, User-Exits, Forms )

·       Project Lead of PETKİM and AYGAZ projects.

Modules : FI, MM, IM, CO, SD, PP, PS, PM, QM



03/2003 – 08/2009                      Senior ABAP Developer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  T-Systems Turkey  ; Istanbul

·       Dialog, Report, Form, SAPScript, RFC, BADI, WebService, BAPI, User-Exits developments

·       FI validation and substitution developments for customers.

·       Performance improvements of current programs / processes.

·       Hepsiburada ( – Internet Sales Project

o    ABAP Develepments on stock availablity checks

o    Invoice/Delivery print outs, reports

o    Debit/Credit Reports (Integrated with Microsoft Commerce)

o    MT940 SWIFT data integration module : This module has been fully written by me. It contains FTP/SFTP

connections to read MT940 format data, to store the data in SAP system, to create Financial documents according to content of data (Customer payment, bank to bank transfer etc). This module also has been used in my further projects (Inteltek, AYGAZ, Petkim etc)

Also Credit Card authorisation programs (VisualBasic)

·       Schenker-Arkas Global financial integration project : FI reconcilation, debit/credit clearing programs.

·       Gretsch-Unitas MRP project : Dialog and report programmings for MRP evaluations based on customer needs (MDxx transactions and tables) and necessary changes for other module (FI,SD,MM) resulted in by these requierements.

·       Zorlu Conglomerate SRM Project : Custom SRM developments (BBP*, CRM_ADM* tables and etc.)

·       Bosch Turkey

o    Material Split Valuation Project : The developments when the customer has decided to follow material

                  valuations in different valuation area. Thats why the following programs has been developed only by me.

·       Data converting programs (BAPIs): Clear current stock values by cut-off date, and create new stock

values in the defined valuation areas based on the rules given by customer.

·       Convert all material ledger reports (CKML*) according to the new business requirements.

o    Bonus Evaluation Project : New Bonus Evaluation Process for Dealers , based on sales (SD) and payment (FI) performances.

·       Inteltek ( Bet Company : Develop MT940 bank integration processes with FTP/SFTP.

·       UZEL (Traktor production, not active by 2017) Inflation Accounting Processes : Due to government regulations customers needed some additional documents (ML,FI, MM) based on product planning (PP) processes.

·       ARKAS – Internatonal Shipping and Transportation company : ERP & SRM Transformation Projects.

o    FI, MM, CO - Report, Dialog, BAPI, BADI, Form Developments

o    SRM report ,dialog , BADI, BAPI , Forms and other developments

Modules : FI, AA, MM, CO, SD, PP, PM, PM, QM, SRM


04/2002 – 03/2003                        Senior ABAP Developer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ARIA (Former name of AVEA-GSM Operator –  ; Istanbul

·       Dialog, Report, Form, SAPScript, RFC, BADI, WebService, BAPI, User-Exits developments

·       FI validation and substitution developments for customers.

·       FI, CO, MM, RM-CA developments.

Modules : FI, MM, CO, RM-CA, AA

12/1998 – 04/2002                        Senior ABAP Developer

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Yasar Information Tecnologies (Central Development of Consultancy Department of Yasar Conglomerate) - Izmir

·       Master Data Migrations, User-exits, Custom reports, Dialog Programs, RFC/IDOC Integrations on projects,  Viking Paper Production Factory, Pinar Marketing and Distrubition Company, Pinar Meat Company, DYO Paint Production Company, Altınyunus Otel, Carlsberg-Tuborg Beer Company

·       Archiving projects : Analyse systems and maintain archiving strategie and perform archiving.

·       Modules : FI, MM, CO, PA, SD, PP

02/1993 – 07/1997                        Software Developer  (non-ABAP developments)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Yasar Information Tecnologies (Central Development of Consultancy Department of Yasar Conglomerate) - Izmir

·       Development and Installation Supports for Hotel Programs (COBOL)

o    Perform necessary developments due to legal or business regulations

o    Installations

§  Install Xenix/Unix systems

§  Installation of programs

§  Trainings of Front Office, BackOffice, Accounting, HouseKeeping departments.

§  RS-232 Connections of monitors, printers in network.

o    Integration of Hotel software with Micros POS, All type of Telefon Santrals.

·       Write fully 4GL Hotel Program with Visual Basic : Frontoffice, Backoffice, Reservation, Accounting, House Keeping

·       Development of NEW Accounting Programs in COBOL

·       Development of NEW Personel Payroll Programs in COBOL



IT-Kenntnisse (Skills)
Visual Basic